“Michael shows outstanding directorship coupled with exceptional networking skills.”

John Gambrill

HunterNet Director and Project Manager at Mullane Plumbing

“I have known Michael for the past 3 years through our involvement in Hunternet situated here in Newcastle. On a number of occasions Michael has been acting chair person at monthly meetings and has shown strong communication skills and ability to engage those in attendance while fulfilling this role. My most recent experience of Michael's leadership ability was when he accompanied a group of SME's, Members of Hunternet/AIG to observe the successful transformation of a 100 year old manufacturing site at Lithgow. Michael participated fully in the visit and displayed inspiring leadership and enthusiasm in interacting with site management and the group. Michael's skills and professionalism will benefit any organisation that can attract his attention.”

Pat O'Flaherty

Managing Director Irescot Learning Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Michael during an exciting time for his company. He was seeking advice on options to explore international partnerships for his family-owned business. I found Michael to be very personable, open to exploring all sorts of avenues, logical and methodical in his consideration of those options, consultative, responsive and driven by the long term interests of his company and his employees”

Kylie Hargreaves

Deputy Secretary at NSW Department of Industry

“Michael is a strong leader who dedication to the local community is incredible. He works hard to raise awareness and money for several causes local and global. He is part of the rotary and is dedicated to his lovely family and the community. Michael is a wonderful advocate for the Central Coast community and for his business Sharpe Bros. You want a job done right and well then he is the man to go to.”

Netti Byrnes

Australia & NZ Service Improvement Manager at Gilbarco Veeder Root

“Having been involved with Michael over the past five years in many different events and occasions his infectious enthusiasm and drive to help others is an inspiration. Michael is an example to us all that finding time to help those that are less fortunate is a benefit not only to society but provides an impetus for others to follow. JLT”

John Taylor GAICD

Director at B A Taylor Pty Ltd

“I know Michael through social and charitable activities. His efforts and drive are infectious and he demonstrates his passion for life in everything he does. He is inquisitive, caring and genuine in his interest in everyone and their story.”

Mark Griffith

Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Cathay Pacific Airways

“I worked on a project with Michael a few months back and he really made an impact on fellow colleagues and myself. Michael is an incredibly positive and genuine person with such a great outlook. I highly commend his excellent networking skills and the fact that he isn’t afraid to tackle anything that comes his way. We sure need more lovely people like Michael on the Coast.”

Amy York

Marketing Manager at Central Coast Motor Group

“Michael's innovative management and leadership performance has resulted in Sharpe Bros (Australia) being recognised as a progressive, ethical and successful organisation within the New South Wales Central Coast and Hunter regions. Michael is also a strong contributor to the region, a member of many successful community groups and has been formally recognised for his community efforts by being awarded with a Gosford City Australia Day Award. Michael is also the Vice Chairman of Hunternet in which he provides assistance to over 150 companies, active in national and international markets in defence, power generation, mineral processing, transportation and major resource.”

John Mouland

CEO - Regional Development Australia

“Over the previous five years, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Michael during his time as a Regional Councillor at NSW Business Chamber, Central Coast branch and his charity events. Michael demonstrated tremendous ability to adapt to a changing environment, his strategic alliances never ceased to amaze me during that time. His adeptness and flexibility allowed him to quickly switch tactics should the need arise. He has displayed relentless perseverance to the community through, his efforts with his many charitable events. As a keen member of the Central Coast business community, his incredible adaptability with potential concerns, has let him excel in his chosen field where Michael has displayed great leadership and interpersonal skills.“

Bob Diaz

Owner, Pro-Dive Central Coast P/L

“Michael is a great asset to the Central Coast, he always is there to help non profit organisations and supports local business. I really appreciate the support Michael gives to the community because it helps the Central Coast be the amazing place it is to live and work in. There should be more people like Michael he is very inspirational and genuinely cares about others.”

Michelle Allen

Managing Director at Business Women Connect

“Michael Sharpe is the ultimate professional at anything he does. We recruited Michael for our fundraiser "Dancing with the Central Coast Stars" in February 2014 - Michael had to throw himself out of his comfort zone, learn to dance, while fundraising and networking and he is remembered by everyone involved as one of the biggest gentlemen in existence. Michael has an infectious positive energy that people just want to be around. As well as raising over $13,000 for our event, and dancing on stage in front of 400 people - Michael has aligned to Cancer Council NSW for other projects and with his level of expertise, his diverse networks and professionalism, we consider ourselves lucky to have him.”

Jayne Moloney

Writer/Columinist at Kids In The East Magazine

“Michael is an accomplished business leader who believes in setting the highest standards in client support and service. It is through Michael's efforts that Sharp Bros have established themselves as high quality, reliable, and honest service providers throughout NSW.”

Tony Cade

Chief Executive Officer, HunterNet

“Michael is very motivated to achieve his goals. I have every faith he will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to! Michael is always positive, he is a delight to work with.”

Karl Mikkelsen

Application Architect at LockedOn

“I have had a long association with Sharpe Bros in both my previous capacity as a Councillor and Mayor on Gosford City Council and more recently as Regional Director for NSW Trade and Investment. I have worked closely with Michael Sharpe over recent years as a client to the Department and in his capacity as an executive member of HunterNet. Michael has a very strong commitment to continue to grow the company and at the same time provide invaluable support and assistance to a number community projects through his work with Rotary and the Salvation Army to name a few. Michael is highly respected by all who know him, has a strong work ethic, is extremely enthusiastic and is tireless in his work to drive his business and support the community.He never misses an opportunity to promote the excellent work of Sharpe Bros, the work of the community organisations he is involved in and the Central Coast as a region. Keep up the great work Michael”

Tony Sansom OAM

Regional Director at NSW Trade and Investment (DTIRIS)

“Michael Sharpe has been an ongoing supporter of IPWEA (NSW) through attendance at, and regular sponsorship of, our Hunter Group Meetings and events. Michael, through the family company Sharpe Bros has been instrumental in making new and improved road construction and maintenance techniques available to the Local Government industry.”

Mick Savage

Manager Roads & Transport Directorate at IPWEA

“Michael is a true professional in all areas of his work. He is passionate about his community and is of the highest order when it comes to customer service. Michael is extremely well connected and loves broadening his networks in both the business and personal space.”

Sarah Russell

Community Engagement Manager at Cancer Council NSW

“Michael has a great heart for the Community and a keen instinct for wise decision making. I commend him.”

Ed McCarthy

Regional Development Officer at Central Coast Community Council

“Michael is on the Board of HunterNet and is a great advocate for the Central Coast. Michael is extremely generous with his time and provides fantastic support for a number of important social causes.”

Anton Kriz

Co-Founder and Strategic Development at Innov8Central

“I have always enjoyed working with Michael, and have found him to be committed to developing his business and offering the best opportunities to his employees to develop their careers as well as a keen focus on servicing his clients. Michael also works in a collaborative way within his local industry and is a great supporter of his community.”

John Coyle

Former CEO at HunterNet Co-Operative

“I am very happy to recommend Michael. I have known him for several years and in that time have found him engaging, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I love his commitment and passion for the local region, this is evident in all of his community and networking activities. A true gentlemen and professional!”

Scott Henshaw

Director at Forsythes Recruitment - Central Coast

“Michael's strong commitment and contribution to his company, his family and his community is characterised by service, professionalism and desire to succeed in a way that enhances the greater good.”

Mary Lynne Pidcock

President at South Sydney Business Chamber

“Sharpe Bros is a leading civil contractor and innovative provider of asphalt paving. Michael Sharpe is an energetic and dynamic leader of Sharpe Bros. He is passionate about his business and all things in life. Michael has an incredible involvement in the community, being part of many charitable organisations. Michael and his brothers are constantly working to provide benefit to the community through their personal involvement in projects, whether it be attending a function or raising funds. His belief in doing what he can to make the community better shows through in the way Sharpe Bros work with employees, suppliers and clients, with the same philosophy of doing good being very evident. I highly recommend Michael as a person of great integrity and a pleasure to be associated with”

Marcus Kroek

Business and Executive Coach at ActionCOACH, Business and Executive Coaching

“Michael is heavily involved in the Business Development and marketing of Sharpe Bros. His skills have seen the company and business develop strongly, and certainly he has been integral to bringing the business to where it is today. Michael and his brothers have done an outstanding job in developing their business and i have no hesitation in recommending Michael for his skills.”

David McClelland


“Michael is the type of person who is consistently working in the community in his free time and an important part of a successful family business. He is easy to deal with and always has a smile on his face.”

Andrew Ball

Director at Shortland Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

“I have had contact with Michael for well over a decade, while I have been in 3 different jobs. I have found Michael to personable, approachable, knowledgeable and a good business leader with strong engagement in the community. I commend he and his brothers for the way that they have kept a long-established family company at the forefront of technical innovation in their industry, and provided value to their customers.”

Greg Keane

Freelance Technical Writer at Informa (Earthmover & Civil Contractor magazine)

“Michael is an enthusiastic manager, always striving to improve his business and client experience. His long running family company is not only a leader in its field but a solid corporate citizen as well.”

Jason Poole

Director and Owner, GPA Matrix

“Michael is an outstanding individual, with great communication and people skills. I consider him a very knowledgeable, articulate and intelligent person and an upright individual to do business with. Michael has a depth of knowledge within the infrastructure construction project space.”

Srini Bezwada

Visual Analytics Consultant - Tableau Software Accredited Trainer & Partner - Lavastorm Analytics Business Partner

“Michael was inspirational in his efforts involved with "Dancing with the Stars,Central Coast". I am sure he was out of his comfort zone as he danced his way to raise the most money during the event for the Cancer Council NSW. He displayed enthusiasm and commitment preparing for the challenge and went above and beyond the call of duty to raise awareness for this charitable event.”

Tim Bore

Dealer Principal at Coast Star Motors

“Michael and I attended the Harvard Leadership Best Practise program, which we both enjoyed. It was clear to see that Michael was engaged with the content, keen to participate, challenge and listen to the many varied speakers and lecturers. Michael and I enjoyed debating different perspectives and exploring new ideas particularly between our different industry experiences. I found Michael to be great company both in the lecture environment and also socially. A great guy, I really enjoyed spending time and learning with him”

David Robinson OBE

President at Speedo International

“Michael and I met on a Harvard programme, which we both found a pivotal experience. He was an energetic, engaged member of the group, clearly with an entrepreneur's interest in business and making it sustainable. Even though we came from - and returned to - opposite sides of the globe, Michael made connections easily and has made sure he keeps in contact, with ideas, news and views. I hope we will get the opportunity to work together one day.”

Simon Bevan

Partner and Head of China Britain Services Group at Grant Thornton UK LLP

“Michael is a very bright and Sharp individual. A team player, full of new ideas. I had the opportunity of studying with him at HBS in a leadership program and found his contributions very thought provoking and interesting. I am sure he will add tremendous value to any team that he is associated with.”

Atul Daga

Chief Financial Office at Aditya Birla Retail Limited